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"I know how hard it is to leave your baby in someone elses care ,I've been there and  know how hard it is to find someone that is reliable and not just "watching" your baby for the money.
When I had my second child  I worried and felt the same way ,that is how I started doing child care. At first it was just family and friends kids and quickly progressed. I'm proud to say that I really do care for all the children I have in my care as if they were my own. I cuddle,kiss their boo boos,and help them wash their hands ,brush their teeth, feed then and nurture them and make them feel at home. I've made a cheerful play/class room for them so they are comfortable and happy here,in their second home. I've learned over the years that all children need care and attention in their own way. I find out what works best for them and go from there. Children grow up healthier and with a more positive self image when cared for  in a loving home and get the individualized attention children crave for at an early age."
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