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Vanessa's  Daycare in Baytown - Licensed Home Daycare
ABOUT   US:           
I'm 38 years old ,wife for 20 years and mother of three children, a girl and 2 boys. I am the primary caregiver, Unless I am Ill or have to go some were (necessary) I will always be the one caring for your child,that way I always know what is going on with the children instead of handing over the child from one adult to another. All house-hold members are FBI background checked,child/infant and adult cpr,aed,and first-aid certified. My home is routinely inspected by the state and food program to insure kids are safe and well taken care of,which gives parents peace of mind.
          This is a licensed home daycare.

I provide childcare for children 18 months and older.I have many years of experience with all age groups. Parents are welcome to come in at any time and visit with their child.
I am allowed by d.f.p.s and childcare licensing to provide childcare to no more than 12 children at a time.Normally it will be 6 children under the age of 4/5 and another 6 that are after schoolers. During the summer I will have all. 
 All full time children are enrolled in a preschool curriculum ,I provide all childcare materials, including sleeping cots, blankets ,food and drinks,I only need diapers,wipes,bottles,and patsies for who it applies to.
  Our home childcare playroom/classroom is dedicated to keep your child happy,equipped with fun,safe and age appropriate toys.There are plenty of toys and room for them to spread out and have fun.
  I incorporate crafts,free play,music,song,dance,coloring and projects that the children enjoy doing.We learn our pre-k basics while having fun (depending of the age of the children I have in my care that day.)The children also love the back yard because it is spacious for them to run around equipped with outside toys and swing set while being safe and fenced all around.We also have splash time during the summer or bouncy-house time depending on the weather.Children get at least an hour of out side time or exercise indoors or out either way. All children attending will be enrolled in the adult/child care food program (if ok with parent) which means your child will receive well balanced healthy meals like breakfast,lunch,snacks and dinner at no extra cost to the parents.Formula/gerberts are also provided for baby :)        
 My home  daycare  has an alarm and the doors and windows have chimes for child security. Electrical outlets have covers and doors have child safety guards or baby gates on them.There are fire and carbon monoxide detectors in each room and hall ways.A fire extinguisher and a first aid kit is always on hand.We have routine fire and bad weather drills.There is a baby video monitor so I can always tend to them. The day care is equipped with a bathroom just for the children, where we learn about
washing hands,face and teeth.
     Breakfast,lunch,one snacks  dinner and drinks are provided. Most of the food is home made as if I were feeding my own children but as you know kids love junk food so I will treat them once in a while. Kids also like to be involved in preparing home made mini pizzas,cookies,cupcakes,and many other treats. Parents are welcome to bring a sacked lunch for their picky eaters:)
 These are just a few steps taken here at the day care to insure that all the children stay happy and healthy. This is a smoke free home that is cleaned and disinfected daily,all the house hold members have their flu shots.Diapers are changed in a padded non-pours area,gloves are worn when changing diapers and diapers are disposed of immediately outside,The children's play area is vacuumed twice a day disinfected throughout the day and the carpet is steamed and shampooed every week.Childrens and our hands are washed after (well almost everything) to prevent children from getting ill,because we love our little monkeys.    
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